About Cafe Boonma

Boonma means good karma, that good times and things are coming and when you’re at Café Boonma you’ll feel those good vibes all around you.

Rampai learned to cook in her home country and found to her delight she was able to make just about everything taste better.
And now she’s in Stuart to share her special talent with you!

The dining room at Café Boonma is casual and relaxed – like your own dining room, if that happens to be filled with
the aromas and taste treats of superb dining!

If a comfortable night at home is in your plans – you can pick up and take out Café Boonma’s wonderful dishes.

Reservations for six or more are accepted and don’t forget to let Rampai and the staff to know if it’s a special occasion:
you’ll dinner will include a fabulous complimentary dessert!